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Enhancing Indoor Air Quality for Your Health

Your indoor air quality is important to the quality of your overall health. If the air in your home is contaminated with pollen, mold, and other pollutants, then you could begin to experience a variety of health-related problems. Likewise, if the air in your home is too dry, you could begin to feel a little less than comfortable in your own home.

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your home’s air, then call up the experts at Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc. today! We offer some great indoor air quality services for Lafayette area homes and businesses to ensure that you get the best quality of air to breathe:

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Air Cleaners

A quick, easy way to be sure the air in your home is clean is to have an air cleaner installed in your home. An air cleaner does exactly what it sounds like it would do: clean your air. If you find yourself feeling a little less than perfectly fine when you’re in your home, then just call on the experts at our air conditioning company to install an air cleaner for you! With one, you’ll be breathing and feeling like new again in no time!

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Duct Replacement

The air duct system is installed to carry the heated or cooled air from the HVAC system to all the rooms of your home. When the ductwork is old or has been damaged, you may need to have it replaced. With duct replacement service, you could see an increase in your home's energy efficiency if there are leaks in the existing system.

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Here in Lafayette, dehumidifiers are often installed to combat the high humidity levels in our homes. High humidity can destroy the building materials as they become moist or damp from the water vapors in the air. Carpeting, padding, drywall, textures, upholstery, drapery, woodwork and more can harbor mold where it thrives and produces toxins....

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For health-improving indoor air quality services in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas, please call Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc. at 337-232-6286 or complete our online request form.

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