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Furnace vs. Heat Pump: Which One to Buy?

furnace vs heat pump lafayette laWintertime means holidays, family, cocoa, and snowball fights. It also means cold weather -- weather which you have to keep out of your home with a reliable heating unit. Whether your in the market for a more energy efficient system or your old heater has finally bit the dust and your forced to get a new system, there are a lot of options for heating your home. But which heating unit is right for you?

While navigating the heating installation market for Lafayette, you'll find there are a number of options to choose from, but two of the top ones are furnaces and heat pumps. What’s the difference between the two, though? And is the difference significant enough to justify getting one over the other?

In fact, yes, there are some key differences when it comes to furnaces vs. heat pumps. As for whichever one is right for you, that answer depends upon your needs! If you would like to know which setup is right for you, then just read on for our quick rundown of the features you can expect from furnaces and heat pumps!

Pros & Cons of Furnaces in Lafayette

A furnace is noted for its longevity when compared to a heat pump. This is due to heat pumps’ multiple uses. While a furnace is useful only during the colder months, a heat pump can actually heat AND cool your home, meaning it will sustain more wear and tear since it will be used constantly.

Another bonus since furnaces are used for only part of the year is that they require far less maintenance that a heat pump does. This means that a furnace will cost you less over the years than a heat pump will since a furnace won’t require the expense that comes with maintenance work.

The most compelling draw for furnaces, however, is that they do not rely on the presence of outdoor warmth in the air to warm your home. A heat pump DOES, meaning that during particularly cold winters, it might not be able to warm your home sufficiently. A furnace, on the other hand, produces heat regardless of the weather outside, so it is able to keep you warm and comfortable in any climate.

Pros & Cons of Heat Pumps in Lafayette

Heat pumps are noted for their efficiency. Unless you live in an area that provides inexpensive gas, a heat pump will most always cost less than a furnace in the long run.

Heat pumps are also quieter than furnaces, and this benefit is great is you are particularly sensitive to extra noise in your home.

And while heat pumps rely on the presence of warm air outside to warm your home (a feature which furnaces do not share), heat pumps are still much safer than furnaces. After all, since a heat pump is not gas-powered, it can’t cause a carbon monoxide leak that could put you and your family in serious danger

The Bottom Line

No matter what heating device you are in the market for, you can rely on the expert heating contractors at Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc. to install and service your new furnace or heat pump. If you need any work done on either of those installments, just call the experts at Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc. today!

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