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Prompt Emergency AC Services

emergency ac service lafayette laLouisiana is famous for crawfish, New Orleans, and heat. Once the summer months hit, that heat is the most prevalent of the three qualities. Indeed, once the sun goes down, the heat still lingers. So should your air conditioning break down in the middle of the night, the lack of sunlight certainly won’t do anything to make the situation more bearable. Consequently, you’ll have to sweat your way through a hot, miserable night until you can get your AC repaired the next day.

Unless you have access to emergency AC services in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas. With Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc. serving as your go-to air conditioning company, that’s exactly what you have access to. Being a Louisiana-based company, we at Dalton’s understand that it’s just about impossible to live with this heat without working air conditioning. And as a local and experienced air conditioning company in Lafayette, LA, we also understand that your air conditioner can break down at any time of the day or night.

To address these issues we offer after-hours emergency air conditioning services. You shouldn’t have to sweat through the night just because your AC broke down after business hours. If you suddenly find yourself without AC in the middle of the night, then just call up the experts at Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc. for emergency AC services!

Repairs for Any Kind of Air Conditioning Problem

No matter what issue your air conditioning is experiencing after hours, the air conditioning services team at Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc. has the experience and skills necessary to get your air conditioner running like new again. We stay equipped to handle any AC issue any time of the day or night. Whether your AC is simply blowing air that isn’t cold or isn’t blowing out any air at all, you can rely on the experienced team at Dalton’s to get it running like brand new in no time.

Keep Your Family Safe from the Heat with Prompt Emergency AC Services in Lafayette

Intense heat isn’t only uncomfortable. If you are very young or very old, it can also be dangerous and even LIFE-threatening! Long exposure to high temperatures can cause serious health problems to your infant and elderly family members. Should you live with family members who fall into those extreme ends of the age spectrum, then finding yourself suddenly without AC in the middle of the night can be a scary ordeal indeed, but thanks to Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc., you don’t have to worry about anything happening to them. Just get an emergency AC repair any time of the day or night!

For prompt emergency AC service in Lafayette, LA and the surrounding areas, call Dalton's AC & Heating, Inc. at 337-232-6286 today. For non-emergency air conditioning repair needs, you may call us or complete our online request form.

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